Selling Car Parts: Is It Better to Sell It in One Piece?

Selling Car Parts: Is It Better to Sell It in One Piece?

Did you know that there are more than 12 million junk carts sold in the US every year?

This makes the used car industry one of the largest in America, contributing about $25 billion to the GDP every year. This is possible thanks to used car owners who sell their vehicles as a whole or by selling car parts.

However, some argue that selling used parts can be a time-consuming business, especially if you don’t know much about cars. With that being said, let’s take a closer look at what it takes to selling used car parts or selling your vehicle as a whole.

Things To Remember When Selling Car Parts

There are numerous people out there who would pay good money for a second-hand steering wheel or a good pair of seats. That’s why you might want to sell parts of your car. However, if you go down this route, make sure you take into account the following factors:

1. Technical Know-How

Selling for parts involves disassembling your vehicle. This would be cool if you have a mechanic friend who is willing to do it for you for a couple of beers and a pizza.

If you’re not that lucky, you need to consider disassembling the vehicle on your own, but do you know how? You can consult the owner’s manual and learn what parts go where and how to remove them, but this is usually easier said than done.

Especially if you have a more recent car model which might involve more complex technology, it’s pretty difficult for most junk car owners to disassemble the vehicle on their own and sell the parts. If you are a trained mechanic, this would be great, but if you don t have the required know-how, maybe it’s simply better to sell your vehicle as a whole.

2. Safety and Necessary Equipment

If you do want to give it a try and disassemble the vehicle on your own, do you have the right tools? Sometimes you need more than a screwdriver to take a car apart and sell its components.

You also need to consider your safety too. Automobiles usually have thousands of small, medium and large components. They go together in perfect harmony to make the vehicle move, but some of these components might be very sharp to touch. Are you willing to take the risks of disassembling your car?

Some vehicle components such as the engine and transmission are also very heavy, so you need special types of lifting equipment to safely remove them from your car. You need to do your best to prevent injuries while also avoiding the damage to components while you disassemble the vehicle.

Lastly, think about the fluids a vehicle has. Oil, fuel and other types of fluids are dangerous for your health as well as the surrounding environment. You need to be mindful with those to prevent accidents and injuries. If you think you can handle all these responsibilities, just go for it, otherwise, you’d probably be better off just selling your car as a whole.

3. Time Involved

If you decide to sell the vehicle as a whole, you simply find a buyer and get your cash in just a few business days (or even less). This saves you tons of time and effort.

On the other hand, selling for parts is a more complicated business. After you have removed the components which need to be sold, you need to advertise them online. Then you need to find buyers for those components. If you’re shipping across the country, you need to safely pack these parts which are another complicated task. Packing used car parts can also imply some investments on your behalf since you need to get bubble wrap, padding, soft cushioning, packing boxes, crates, etc.

On top of that, some buyers might not agree with your price right from the start. You’ll eventually have to negotiate with buyers or find others who are willing to accept your price right from the start. This also takes a great deal of time, effort and steel nerves, especially if you have multiple components available for sale.

Selling for parts can take a lot of time, but you might be able to get a better price for certain components in comparison with selling your car as a whole. Analyze your time budget and decide what’s best for you.

4. Available Space

Another important thing to consider when selling junk car parts is to find out if you have enough space to work. For example, do you have a garage at your disposal to safely disassemble your vehicle? If you do, is it big enough and properly equipped? If you don’t can you find/rent one?

Especially if your used vehicle is large (such as a mini-van or pick-up truck), you need a generous amount of space around you to move and be productive. You also need more space to temporarily store junk car components until you sell them.

You should also take into account how much mess this business might involve. On top of spending hours in your garage disassembling your vehicle, you’ll also have to deal with greasy hands which smell of oil as well. If you’re married, your significant other might not be that happy that you’re spending valuable family time on disassembling your car, so keep this in mind too.

Sell Your Junk Car Today!

Although selling car parts seems like a more complicated business, it can be quite more financially rewarding if you put time into it and find the right buyers.

However, if you’re a busy man, we understand why would you simply sell the car as a whole. We’re ready to help you with that! Just contact us today and we’ll make a great offer to your vehicle. You can receive hundreds or even thousands of dollars in cash, depending on the model and condition of your car!