How To Sell a Car in Florida: A Comprehensive Guide

How To Sell a Car in Florida: A Comprehensive Guide

You’ve decided it’s time to finally let go of your old ride. It’s been a good car but you’re looking for something modern. So, it’s going market.

You want top dollar but also don’t want it sitting in the driveway too long.

Looking to learn how to sell a car in Florida fast and easy? Well, we’ve got the guide for you! Follow along and you’ll have cash in hand and be one step closer to getting that new ride you’ve been wanting.

Step 1: Determine What It’s Worth

You want to know as much about the vehicle as you can:

  • How well it runs
  • If you had any issues
  • The vehicle’s details

Buyers are looking for a vehicle that’s a good deal but also reliable. They don’t want to get stuck buying a lemon. They also look for important items like cold A/C, optional features, and how often you took it in for an oil change.

You can then start guestimating a price after knowing the condition:

  • Check online listings for the year, make, and model
  • Get a mechanic or friend that knows cars to suggest a price
  • Use industry sources like the Kelley Blue Book value

Then add about 10% or more to whatever you think it’s worth. This buffer gives you wiggle room when negotiating the final price. The buyer sees a bigger deal, and everyone is happy after doing a bit of bartering.

Improving Its Value

There are a few quick things you could do to improve the vehicle’s value before selling. Try one or all of these to make it a more attractive deal:

  • Thoroughly wash and detail the vehicle
  • Fix dents, dings, and other blemishes
  • Compile all maintenance reports and paperwork

Going the extra mile to touch up the details means more money in your pocket!

Step 2: Get Your Vehicle’s Title

Note: You must satisfy any liens on your title before selling the vehicle. Complete this first and then report it to the FL DHSMV. This may include a second party if the vehicle is co-owned by you and an individual.

There are two ways when going about this:

  • Retrieving the paper title to hand over after the sale
  • Both going to the DMV and transferring an electronic title

The seller can request their paper title at their local DMV. If the title was lost or too damaged, they can request a duplicate title while at the DMV. This option carries a small fee of about $75.25 if the vehicle is registered in FL.

The electronic title transfer is done on-location. You’ll want to hash out the details before going to the DMV as sometimes you may have a long wait.

Title Troubles

Having trouble getting the title for your vehicle? It may make sense to junk it so you don’t have to deal with it. There are a few ways to go about this.

Or, you could go an easier route and sell it to a junkyard. This has you sign a release of liability. Then, they’ll take it off your hands.

For Out-of-State Vehicles

Selling a vehicle that came from out of state will require:

  • Odometer inspection
  • VIN verification

You can have this done at an FL DMV offering the service. Or, at a notary, licensed dealer, or law enforcement officer. Keep this record on-hand as you’ll submit it when selling the vehicle.

Step 3: List the Car for Sale

You have plenty of ways to go about selling the vehicle:

  • Get it listed on a car sale website or local buy, sell, trade platform
  • Share the information across your social media accounts
  • Park the car in your yard with a big for sale sign

Provide your contact information and keep an open schedule to accommodate buyers. Depending on the vehicle, it could go quickly or sit for a while. Adjust the pricing and listings when appropriate if you’re not attracting attention.

Has the vehicle sat too long with no buyers? Tired of it? You could always junk it and sell it to a car junk buyer. Or, part it out and make money that way.

Step 4: Negotiate with a Buyer

If you DID receive a few bids then it’s time to negotiate.

Luck means the buyer took it at face value and is willing to pay full price. But, if they want to haggle, remember that you gave yourself a buffer.

A few things to remember:

  • Money talks, BS walks
  • It’s a used car and has depreciated
  • Let them test it to ease any concerns

Looking like you’ve got a buyer locked in? Great! Let’s get the car sold.

Step 5: Complete the Sale

Meet with the buyer and hash out any last-minute details. Then, only after the money is in your hands, do the following:

  1. Check for any items in the vehicle
  2. Remove the license plate(s)
  3. Sign over the title

To stay safe during this process:

  • Have a friend or family member present
  • Don’t accept checks unless they’re willing to wait for them to clear
  • Don’t accept bank or cash app transfers unless you 100% trust them

This is why they recommend you complete the transaction at the DMV. You’ll have the appropriate people present. And, you won’t have to deal with any funny business if they had ill intentions.

If you choose to do the sale in-person — you will:

  • Buyer: Complete the name, address, odometer info, sale price, and date
  • Seller: Complete an ‘Application for Certificate of Title with/without Registration Form’, get the title, and submit the documents

The paperwork from both parties should get submitted within 30 days of the sale and transfer. Otherwise, there may be a penalty fee for declaring it late.

Once you’re done transferring the title:

  • A: Cancel the insurance and turn in the tag
  • B: Transfer the tag and set up new insurance
  • Submit a bill of sale form to your local DMV

Viola! You’re all done selling a vehicle in Florida.

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