Get Cash for Scrap Cars in Los Angeles

Get Cash for Scrap Cars in Los Angeles

Did you know that Los Angeles County was home to 8 million registered vehicles in 2018 alone? That’s a quarter of all registered autos and trucks in the entire state!

This shows just how much LA folks love their rides. So much so that there’s even a myth that nobody walks in LA. That’s definitely just a rumor, but it does paint a picture of how car-ridden the county is.

It’s also thanks to this love for automobiles that LA County has dozens and dozens of junk car buyers. These businesses, which pay cash for scrap cars, are key to proper automobile disposal.

So, if you’ve ever asked, “Will anyone even buy my junk car?”, the answer is yes. We’re here to tell you exactly who and how you’ll find these buyers, so be sure to keep reading!

Why Sell Your Scrap or Junk Car in the First Place

Most owners of California junk cars sell their clunkers when the repairs are too pricey to be worth repairing. There are, however, lesser-known reasons to scrap non-operational vehicles.

To Avoid Going Against California’s “Abandoned Vehicle” Law

California’s Abandoned Vehicle Law includes non-functional vehicles parked on private property. In this case, “abandoned vehicles” no longer have key components like the engine or wheels. A car parked on a private property that has no transmission or is missing a door is also considered abandoned.

So if someone sees your junk car and reports it, the authorities can impound it right away. If this happens, you’re looking at a $133-penalty for towing alone. You’ll also have to pay $115 before the lot releases your car, plus a $46.65 charge for each day they store it.

As you can see, keeping a junk car could actually be against the law, not to mention costly. This should be enough reason for you to start looking up buyers of Los Angeles junk cars ASAP.

Inoperable Vehicles are a Health, Safety, and Environmental Threat

Vehicle corrosion can lead to injuries, diseases, and environmental contamination.

Heavy metals, such as lead and mercury in corroded car batteries, can cause poisoning. Chronic exposure to these metals may even increase one’s risks for some cancer types!

Heavy metals and other chemicals from junk cars also contribute to pollution. Moreover, they can contaminate soil and water, poisoning other animals along the way.

Decaying car parts, particularly plastic, also generate a considerable amount of greenhouse gases. So, even if your car no longer burns fuel, it’s still contributing to global warming.

All these facts further prove that selling a junk car has many health and environmental benefits. Of course, it’s also great for your wallet, since you get to convert that pile of junk into cold, hard cash.

Who To Sell Your Junk To

Now that you have more reasons to sell your junk car immediately, the next question is, who should you sell it to?

If you’re planning to sell your car for parts, car hobbyists and used car part buyers are good prospects. Before you part out your clunker though, make sure that you have a lot of time and the needed tools. Dismantling a car is time-consuming, but you may be able to make more if your car still has its most valuable parts.

If you want to get rid of a scrap car the fastest way, sell it as-is to a licensed junk car buyer. In California, all junk car buying companies need to have a dismantler license. This is a legal requirement that ensures proper disposal of dangerous automotive chemicals.

A Cash for Cars Los Angeles Business is Your Best Kind of Buyer

To make the most profit from your junk car sale, work with a cash for cars Los Angeles buyer. These are companies that buy automobiles in any condition, be it old, totaled, or 100% junk. They also buy almost all vehicle makes and models, ranging from model years 2000 to 2018.

Now, run-of-the-mill junkyards do the same too, but most would require you to bring the car to their yard. That means you have to hire a towing service and pay them an average of $75 to $125.

Whereas specialty cash for cars companies will pick up your junk car for free. You only need to set the time and date for the removal, and a company representative will be there. After paying for your car, they’ll haul the junk car with them.

Moreover, cash for car buyers will give you an estimate prior to the removal. When you contact them for the first time, you can expect to receive an instant cash offer. Just make sure that you also give them as many details as you can about your car.

Aside from the make, model, and year, be honest about the overall condition of the car. Tell them if all the major parts (engine, wheels, doors, windows, etc.) are still in place. It’s even more important to let them know if it has been in a flood or if it’s a total wreck.

If you like the offer, then you can schedule the removal of the junk car. If you don’t, that’s fine too, as cash offers from reputable junk car buyers are non-obligatory. 

Do Yourself a Favor and Get Quick Cash for Scrap Cars Now

There you have it, your complete guide on how to get cash for scrap cars and why you should get rid of your junk car now. Keep in mind that the longer you let that clunker rot away, the more dangerous it could be. Besides, it’ll just keep corroding until there’s little left for you to even sell and make money from.

Ready to keep the LA police from impounding your car and penalizing you? Then get in touch with us now so we can give you a free estimate of how much your car is worth!