A Guide on How to Sell a Car for Parts

A Guide on How to Sell a Car for Parts

Your broken down hunk of junk car is probably worth more than you think.

Indeed, car recycling is big business. In the United States, for example, it contributes $25 billion each year to the national GDP! Millions of old cars get stripped down and sold on.


Because there’s value in the parts! As far as junk vehicles go, the car itself may have zero resale value. But the individual parts have a definite market value.

Simply getting rid of your beaten up old vehicle may be the easiest option. But it’s also like throwing money away. Take the time and make the effort, and stripping the vehicle can be incredibly lucrative!

But how do you do it? If you’re not a mechanic, you might need some guidance.

Read on to discover top tips on how to sell a car for parts.

1. Create Time

Taking apart a car is no easy feat.

Even someone with experience and expertise needs time to do it well. For a newbie to the process, you can expect it to take even longer.

Be sure to set aside sufficient time to devote to the task. After all, you’ll need to learn about the parts themselves, how to dismantle them, and where to sell them. That all takes time and effort. You may even need to buy the tools necessary.

That in itself may render the process futile. The resale value of the parts may not cover the costs required to get them! Think sensibly about the process ahead and decide if it’s worthwhile.

2. Get It Assessed

Let’s assume you’re not a mechanic.

If you were, then you’d already have the skills and knowledge required to sell a car for parts. And reading this piece would be a waste of your time!

With that in mind, we’ll hazard a guess that you need some support with this process. You might have a basic understanding of what’s what in the car. But overall, you’re no expert.

In these cases, it’s important to ask an actual expert to look your car over.

You won’t know which parts hold value and which won’t. A mechanic will! They’ll know the current market and recognize whether selling for parts is going to be worth your time.

They might even know people interested in buying your parts. Speaking to a mechanic is always a worthy way to start this process.

3. Dismantle the Car

Taking the car apart is an obvious part of this process.

Now, you could ask the mechanic to do it for you, too. But that’s obviously going to cost you. Everything you pay now will eat into the margin you’ll get for the parts.

For that reason, many people decide to do it themselves. We could write an entire post on this process. No prior experience?

Make the effort to learn what you’re doing, and have the proper means to do it! Ask for help, know the particular hazards, and how to prepare for them.

The internet will be your friend in this endeavor. Get onto YouTube for direction. Here’s a handy infographic to get you started.

4. Take an Inventory

Don’t just leave the car parts lying around haphazardly.

There’s no point setting them aside, only for them to get damaged afterward! With the parts separated, lay them down in a pile somewhere out of the way and protected from the elements.

Take an inventory of everything you have as you go. Make a note of each part and the condition it’s in. You can use this information to take into the sales process.

5. Photograph the Parts

It’s always a good idea to take photographs of your car and the parts you’re selling.

Photograph each bit as you go about parting the vehicle. Higher-quality photos are always better. These pictures will come in handy when you’re advertising and trying to sell the parts. Rather than having to answer masses of questions, potential buyers can refer to the photos for clarification.

They’ll be able to see the condition, functionality, damage, and so on.   

6. Find Buyers

With the parts separated, the fun can begin.

It’s time to sell them! Here’s where to do it…

Salvage Yards

One of your best bets is to work with local salvage yards.

They’re experts in reselling auto-parts. They have a solid interest in what you have and will often offer the best price accordingly.

Private Buyers

Try advertising to private collectors and aficionados, too.

Car forums are a good place to start.

Indeed, many people spend their free time on car projects. They may need the exact car part you’re selling. Ask around, look online, and speak with friends and family. See if they know anyone who may be interested.

Another Option

Likewise, you could do it in reverse: seek buyers before dedicating your time to taking the car apart.

Use the information you’ve gleaned from the mechanic.

Let’s say you know your vehicle has a number of high-value parts. Write a list of them and then call up the salvage yards to get a quote.

If the money you’re offered is worth the effort, then set about extracting the parts. This is a handy way to save time and the disappointment of not getting the financial reward you were after.

Time to Sell a Car for Parts!

That brings to a close this guide on how to sell a car for parts.

The recycling of old automobile parts is a giant industry in the United States. People around the country make good business from dismantling old vehicles and reselling the most valuable components.

Financially speaking, there’s clear value in making the effort to part an old car. However, this is a time-consuming, technical process that requires a reasonable level of expertise. Doing it for the first time is no easy feat.

Hopefully, this post has given you the insight you need to give it a go! Good luck!

Don’t have the time to dismantle your old junker? We’ll take it off your hands, regardless of the condition it’s in! 

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