7 Car Parts that Can be Recycled

7 Car Parts that Can be Recycled

Has your vehicle bitten the dust lately? Or have you replaced your old car for a better one? Whatever it may be, it might surprise you to know that your old car can still have some great uses.

There are a lot of great benefits to recycling and there are a lot of car parts you can recycle. Even if your car is on its last legs, it doesn’t have to mean it’s at the end of its life.

Curious to know what you could turn into recycled car parts? Keep reading to find out. 

1. Car Engine Oil 

Not only can you recycle used engine oil, but it’s very much encouraged. If it is improperly disposed of, car engine oil can cause significant damage to the environment.

You might not know it, but car engine oil doesn’t wear out or go bad. It can only get dirty, but you can still use it. This means it can be used again in another vehicle. 

Make sure to do your research and take it to the right place for recycling. Here, professionals will safely drain it from the engine and it can be put to good use again in other motors.

2. Scrap Metal

The metal in your car is one of the easiest materials to recycle or reuse and it can go on to provide parts for or even create a whole new car.

You can take your car to get weighed and get the price of the metal evaluated depending on what condition it is in. If it isn’t damaged, there are a lot of different metal parts in the car which will be stripped and sold on.

Then, it will likely be crushed into a metal block and will be ready for recycling.

3. Tires

Did you know that there are over 300 million car tires discarded in the US each year? They also can pose a huge environmental threat. If they are set on fire, the fumes can cause serious damage. 

Recycling car tires can live again on other cars if they are still in good condition with enough tread on them. Recycling them can also turn them into entirely new tires.

They could go on to lead a totally new life as well, as they could be turned into artificial turf or fuel. These different uses help prevent old tires from becoming an environmental hazard.

4. Car Batteries

You may have a new car and have no use for the battery in the old one. Or, the battery may have died which caused you to decide to buy a new car altogether. Whatever the case may be, your old car battery can still have a lot of uses left in it.

Car batteries can also pose a serious environmental and health risk if they aren’t disposed of properly. Depending on your state laws, you may be obliged to recycle your car battery.

Most car batteries are in good condition and can be used again in another vehicle. This makes them a valuable component for scrap dealers and they can continue to work for many more years.

5. Engine Parts

Are you replacing your car engine or scrapping the engine from your old one? Don’t throw it away or scrap it, as it may still have a lot of use left in it.

Different engine parts can be used in refurbished engines and still have lots of life in them.

Even if the engine in your old car seems to have died completely, you should still consider recycling it. The smaller parts of an engine can still be added to other vehicles and work as efficiently as if they were brand new.

6. Glass

When people scrap their cars, lots of the glass used will end up in landfills going to waste. But glass is a very easy material to recycle and there are many different uses for it.

For example, the recycled auto glass could take on a new life as glass bottles, fiberglass insulation, worktops, jewelry, floor tiles and even in concrete blocks.

These endless uses make it a very useful and valuable item to recycle, so make sure to do so if you can.

7. Plastics

Cars have a lot of different kinds of plastics in them and plastic has endless different uses when recycled.

Things from the dashboard, bumpers, lights, gas tanks and many more can all see new life when recycled. They could serve the same function again in another vehicle, or they could turn into entirely new products. 

If they are still in good condition, you could sell these plastic parts to scrap dealers or auto repair shops who might want to take them off your hands to use in other cars.

Now You Know All About Recycled Car Parts

Recycled car parts have a lot of great benefits and it is something everyone should try to do with their old vehicle. Not only can it go on to lead a new life and help refurbish other vehicles, but it can also help the environment as well.

If you’ve got an old car that you think is worthless or has no use left in it, you could be very wrong about it. For anyone in this position, it’s a good idea to look into getting your car scrapped for cash where the parts will be recycled for better uses.

Are you looking to get cash for your used, damaged or junked car? Get in touch with us and we can help you out.