5 Expensive Car Repairs That Aren’t Worth Fixing

5 Expensive Car Repairs That Aren’t Worth Fixing

On average, car repairs will cost you around $400. Depending on your financial situation, this amount can either be easy to handle or a major strain on your finances.

For some, a car may have so much sentimental value that they’d pay any money to keep it running. And for others, their vehicle may just be another non-issue in their lives; they can purchase a new one at the drop of a hat if need be.

So how do you know when to try and breathe new life into your car or when they’re at the end of the line? Read on to find out 5 expensive car repairs that just aren’t worth fixing.

1. Failing Brakes

This is one of the most expensive repairs out there, considering your brakes make up a complicated system that ensures you start and stop safely. Not only is it an expensive repair, but it’s also not a job any DIYer can do.

In order to replace or change your brakes, you need to be a trained mechanic. Otherwise, you risk putting not only yourself in danger while on the road, but also others, including your passengers, other drivers, and pedestrians.

Failing brakes can’t be ignored, because if you do, you’ll end up in a crash, which can be fatal.

And when you get repairs done, it’s multiple things that need doing too. You have to consider the cylinders, calipers, rotors, pads, and fluid flush as well. When you add up both the labor and the parts involved, it’ll definitely cost a pretty penny.

If your car is pretty old and doesn’t have much value left in it, it may be a better choice just to purchase a new vehicle (it doesn’t have to be completely new; if you’re on a budget, consider buying used or pre-owned).

2. Complete Car Wreck

Maybe you’ve been in a very serious car accident, and your vehicle is completely totaled. In the majority of cases, it’s not worth trying to save, even if your car is new.

Being in a severe car crash is already upsetting enough. Plus, you have medical bills to pay, and you might have to take work off.

Thinking about tossing your like-new vehicle into the “trash” can be painful to think about. But the accident’s already cost you a pretty penny; don’t let these costly repairs sink you into the red further.

At this point, you should consider selling your car to a junkyard. They’ll pay you decent money for the scrap metal and parts they can salvage from your totaled vehicle.

3. Failing Mechanical Components

Even if you buy the best parts in the industry, they’ll be prone to failure. It’s natural for wear and tear to finally wear parts down completely, after all. If you’ve gone the cheaper route and previously bought cheap replacement parts, you’ll experience broken mechanical components sooner than you should.

Broken mechanical components aren’t necessarily too expensive to repair. But considering this can happen to your alternator, power-steering pump, or steering rack, the labor and parts can really add up.

Plus, this isn’t something you can DIY either. Maybe if you have years of experience in an auto shop you can replace the alternator and power-steering pump yourself. But in any case, if you’re having trouble with your steering rack, you’ll need to have a professional take a look at it, which can be costly.

4. Failing Electrical Components

In addition to failing mechanical components, you can get failing electrical ones as well. Over time, things like your power windows and your windshield wipers can cease to work.

While you may be able to live without opening your car windows, non-working windshield wipers and instrument panels pose very dangerous situations. So this means a handy person may be about to repair things like the power windows and windshield wipers on their own, they still have to have a professional fix more vital parts, like oxygen sensors.

When parts fail, they tend to do so together, so if your power windows have been sticking, chances are, your door lock may start acting up as well. The labor and parts will definitely add up in this case.

5. Exhaust Issues

Just like with your brakes, any issues with your exhaust system can be extremely dangerous. If you’ve ignored all the warning signs (such as a noisy exhaust system), then it may be too far gone for it to be worth a repair.

If there are leaks in your exhaust system, the fumes can enter the interior of your car, which can make you and your passengers very ill. This is where routine vehicle maintenance can not only save your life but also save you some money.

If you need to replace the catalytic converter and/or exhaust manifold, they can cost over a grand each. Not to mention you’ll have to pay for the labor too. And don’t even think about getting cheap replacement parts to cut corners, because they’ll just wear out quickly and you’ll be back in this situation again.

In addition, this is yet another job you can’t DIY. So you can’t save any money in this aspect either.

Got Car Repairs Not Worth Fixing? Then Junk Your Car

After going through this list, you may realize that you need one (or more!) of these car repairs that are not worth fixing. What else can you do with this broken vehicle?

Junk it, of course! That way, you’ll get some money back before you have to wave goodbye to your precious car.

If you feel like the necessary auto repairs aren’t worth it for you, you still have an option that puts some money back in your pocket.

Ready to get some cash for your broken-down car? Then request a free quote from us now!